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The Dilemmas Game by The School of Life invites you to flex your moral muscles and compare your problem-solving skills with those of your friends and family. Players must propose different solutions to 52 common dilemmas, using analogies or drawing on real-life experiences to explain their answers. It’s a fun and enlightening way of practising for the inevitable quandaries of life.

In life, we are regularly faced with dilemmas: complex moral problems for which there are no obvious answers. When a friend confesses to having an affair, do we keep their secret? When a colleague has terrible breath, do we let them know? When a stranger is crying on the bus, do we offer comfort or keep our distance? In such moments, we long for some good advice to help us find a way forward.

The cards cover five categories: Relationships, Work, Sociability, Family and Leisure. The aim of this game is to give good advice – wise, compelling and above all useful suggestions for solving a series of common dilemmas. In this game, whoever gives the best advice wins.

  • A game in which players must propose different solutions to 52 dilemmas
  • 52 Cards
  • Pack measures approximately
  • 12.9cm x 9cm x 2.4cm
  • Instruction card included