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The Perpetua Lumina Pencil is the result of collaboration between researchers, designers, architects and developers and shines a new light on the world of writing, going beyond past technologies by innovating them, while respecting nature and the environment. The rubber of Perpetua Lumina attracts and retains sunlight (or artificial light) and then returns it in the dark with a gradually waning intensity, spreading a charming and magical fluorescent light in blue or green.

  • Pencil made from 80% recycled graphite
  • Does not get your hands dirty
  • Does not break if dropped
  • Can be sharpened but also writes without a tip
  • Flat side ensures it does not roll away
  • Writes for 1120km
  • No glues or protective coatings added
  • HB hardness
  • Coloured FDA approved eraser
  • Measures approximately 19.5cm in length
  • Available in blue or green