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Our latest drop of Wundaire ceramics is part of a collection curated for Joanna Margaret Paul: Imagined in the Context of a Room.

Handmade in the Wairarapa by artist Felicity Donaldson, Wundaire's elevated domestic objects are functional art pieces that add beauty to the everyday - a fitting accompaniment to Paul's boundary pushing explorations of domestic life. 

Ideally sized for fruit, salad or serving food, this design is Felicity's ode to enamelware and features a stunning lilac and black opaque glaze.

  • Large handmade bowl
  • Coloured stoneware inlay wavy bowl covered in opaque enamelware inspired glaze
  • Measures approximately 15cm x 3.5cm
  • Made in Greytown by Felicity Donaldson of Wundaire
  • Each item is individually handmade and glazed so will be unique in its size, shape and colouring

What started out as making pots for houseplants has grown into a full time gig for Felicity Donaldson of Wundaire. With no formal training and the support and encouragement of friends and strangers worldwide, Felicity creates all Wundaire pieces by hand in Greytown, New Zealand.