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The Claude Monet Water Lilies Bag by LOQI features deliberate dabs and daubs in deep blues and pastel hues. Let your imagination wander into the glorious garden at Giverny through this gorgeous tote bag. 

Claude Monet, the founder of French Impressionism, was known to paint the same scene over and over to catch the uniqueness of the time and day. Restless reflection. Infinite impressions. Painterly perfection. A moment captured. Fall in love all over again with this master of light and colour. 

  • Reusable tote bag featuring Claude Monet's Water Lilies © Portland Art Museum
  • Measures approximately 50 x 42cm
  • Can carry up to 20kg
  • Made from water resistant, recyclable polyester taffeta
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified
  • LOQI is certified CO2 Neutral by Planetly

LOQI bags are super-strong, long-lasting, water-resistant and extremely good looking. LOQI collaborates with artists from around the world to bring you a wide range of the most original bag designs possible, including the world’s finest artworks from the world’s finest museums.