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Traditionally books on Māori art have described the work as either ‘traditional’ (as in the arts of carving, weaving, painting) or ‘contemporary’, that is work produced post-1950s. Maori Art: History, Architecture, Landscape & Theory presents a unique focus on Māori art by exploring the connection between the traditional and contemporary, and the place of Māori art within an international context. In doing so, it provides a framework for looking at Māori art in a new way.

This book is extensively illustrated with 300 art works, landscapes and meeting houses, with many never before published images, including 90 specially commissioned photographs from renowned New Zealand photographers Mark Bentley Adams and Haruhiko Sameshima. 

  • Written by Dr Rangihiroa Panoho
  • Hardback book
  • 352 pages
  • ISBN: 9781869538675

Dr Rangihiroa Panoho is New Zealand Māori and has affiliations with the northern iwi tribes of central Tai Tokerau, Northland. He has 22 years professional experience as a leading New Zealand curator and art historian. His specialist areas are Māori, Pacific, Aotearoa New Zealand and international indigenous art. He has published and lectured extensively, and participated in collective projects, exhibitions and presentations within the Australasian gallery circuit, New York University, Field Museum Chicago and the International Social Sciences Council UNESCO, Paris.